Birth Mother FAQs - Options for Placing a Baby for Adoption


What kind of services can Adoption Connection provide for me?

Adoption Connection can help you plan your adoption.

We offer

  • Counseling and support throughout the adoption process and beyond
  • Help in finding and choosing the right adoptive family for your baby
  • Assistance with medical care, living expenses, and other costs related to pregnancy

What is the first step?
Call us at 1-800-972-9225 or text your questions to us at 415-355-4636. You can also email us at All information is completely confidential. We will answer your questions and help you get the information you need as you consider adoption for your baby. We can arrange for you to meet with one of our counselors.

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Can I choose the family who will adopt my baby?
Absolutely. You can get to know our families by viewing their Parent Profiles, speaking with them on the telephone, and visiting with them in person. By creating a connection with the prospective adoptive parents, you will make an adoption plan that you feel good about.

Tips on Choosing an Adoptive Family.

View Adoptive Parent Profiles

What if I don’t want to choose the family?

You certainly do not have to choose a family if you do not want to. In that case, we will complete a closed adoption on your behalf.

From our experience, many birthmothers find the process of choosing and getting to know the adoptive family an important process; yet we understand that open adoption is not for everyone and every situation is unique.

In what parts of the country do you serve birth parents?

If you live in the United States, we can help you. We are a licensed adoption agency in California, but we can arrange for you to receive counseling and support from an agency near you. You can still work with one of our adoptive families and with our experienced staff.

Who are the adoptive families you work with?

We work with families off all ages, religions, and ethnic groups. Most of our adoptive families have not been able to have a biological child on their own.

Find out more in our Screening Adoptive Parents section.

View our Waiting Parent Profiles.

What if I need help with money for medical and living expenses?

Adoption Connection has adoptive families who can assist you with medical care, living expenses, and other costs related to pregnancy. Your adoption counselor will also help you apply for any public assistance to which you may be entitled.

What if my due date is really soon, or I have already given birth?

You can still make an adoption plan! We have loving adoptive families that are ready to move fast. We can help you find an adoptive family right away.

What happens after the baby is born?

Adoption Connection will help you with the hospital arrangements and provide counseling and support both during your stay and after you go home. After the baby is born, the baby typically goes home with the adoptive parents.

When do I sign papers to make the adoption legally binding?

You do not sign any legal documents until after the baby is born. In California (like most states) you do not sign papers until you have been discharged from the hospital and you feel ready to meet with your counselor.

Adoption laws in other states may vary, and Adoption Connection can make sure that the laws of that state are honored.

If I'm undecided about adoption, can I still contact you?

Definitely. At Adoption Connection you never have to worry that you'll be pressured to choose adoption. Our counselors are committed to helping you figure out what's right for you and giving you the support you need to make the decision. Placing (or giving up baby) for adoption is never a decision that a woman chooses lightly, we understand that.

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