Open Adoption Orientations & Workshops

Following is a listing of our upcoming Orientations and Workshops. Individual consultation and counseling are also available.

Open Adoption Orientation

An Adoption Connection professional will introduce and review the process of infant, open adoption and the services of our fully licensed adoption agency. This orientation is free and open to all.

Preparing for Open Adoption

Learn more about the open adoption process in this MULTI-session series. This workshop includes hearing guest speakers tell their unique perspectives and personal experience in open adoption and the ability to ask questions in a supportive environment.

Transracial Adoption Workshop

Becoming a conspicuous family is something adoptive families discuss when considering adopting a baby of a different race/ethnicity than themselves. This one-day intensive is required for Adoption Connection clients who are open to adopting a child of a race or ethnicity different than their own, and their partners or spouses, or who are interested in learning more about transracial adoption.

Newborn Care Class and Hospital Planning

This newborn care class specially designed for adopting parents includes preparing you for the hospital and delivery

Talking With Your Child About Adoption (any age)

Talking with your child about adoption in an age appropriate manner can be tricky! Get education and tools in this discussion group for parents of adopted children of any age and connect with other adoptive families.

Developing Your Trans/Multiracial Adoptive Family

Workshop specially designed for parents who adopted transracially or multiracially.

Webinar: Birthparent Contact and Communication

This webinar will help adoptive families prepare for the first time contact with a expectant mother or "birth" family. Whether by email, text, or phone call, this webinar will get you thinking about open adoption and first contact in a new way.

Webinar: The Rights of Birth Fathers

This webinar will address the legal rights of birth fathers.

Webinar: Mental Health Diagnosis in Birth Family History

A webinar to help adoptive families make decisions about mental illness in birth family history, including considerations in managing relationships pre- and post-placement.

Webinar: Emotional & Psychological Development in School-Aged Kids: What to Expect in Adopted Kids

A Webinar designed to help your child integrate their adoption story and learn the developmental milestones that will bring to light new adoption understanding.