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Birthparent Testimonials & Vignettes


Please Note: Given the sensitive nature of Adoption Connection�s relationship and work with birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted children, some names have been altered/substituted to protect privacy.

Birthparent video stories on Adoption Connection website: Birthparents Stories

Excerpt from A Birthmom�s Journey

�I was still not clear if the adoption was the way to go," says Ardena about placing (or giving up baby) for adoption, "until I saw Susie and Paul's Parent Profile that Lynne from Adoption Connection gave me. Once I read about them and saw their pictures, I knew it was the right thing to do."

Ardena says, "I never felt pressure working with Adoption Connection. I always felt they would support my decisions.�

"People ask me if it is hard to see Sierra now with her new family, and it's almost the opposite,� says Ardena, �It feels so good to see her, and how happy she has made everyone. I can see now that Sierra has so much more than what I could have given her myself. I feel blessed to be a part in something that incredible.�


When i was a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, the stress of my pre-Adoption Connection experience was very overwhelming and searching for an agency that addressed my needs was exhausting.

Thankfully, i came upon AC early in the process and my birth mother journey changed pretty dramatically. Adoption Connection, you see, does not favor adoptive parents over birth parents, or vice-versa. the people who work there have a genuine interest in creating families that best serve children, and my social worker made me feel empowered to choose the perfect family for my son. she connected me with a top-notch support group and therapist, and she made me feel safe in my decision every step of the way. on the other hand, at every phase of the process, i was reminded that this decision was mine and that i could change it at any point, so i never felt coerced or pressured to follow through with the adoption if i didn't want to. (i've since learned that this is not always the case with other agencies, which is terrible!) as a result, when i placed my son into the arms of his new parents, even though it was a hard day for me, i felt strong and proud about my decision.

Since my son's birth and placement with his wonderful parents two years ago, Adoption Connection has remained an important part of my support network. i've since married my son's biological father, and AC arranges visit for both of us with groups of potential adoptive parents, which gives them an important opportunity to hear about the birth parent experience and ask any questions they might have.

This really is, in my opinion, what is exceptional about Adoption Connection. they sincerely desire for all parties involved in the adoption process to have as much information as possible and to really confront any discomforts they might have. they are less of a business, in my opinion, and more of a community-building network. they facilitate important dialogue between adult adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents, and they advise us all with the ultimate goal of creating healthy relationships between all three groups that will last a lifetime.

The result of all of these efforts is that my son is a happy, healthy child who has more love in his life than he'll ever know what to do with. his parents are doing what they do best--being parents! and my husband and i sleep every night knowing that despite all of life's difficulties, we never have to worry about our son, only sit back and watch him bloom.
- Jessica M. (5/30/2012, Yelp posting)

"I felt totally comfortable with the people at Adoption Connection from the very beginning. They took the time to answer all of my questions, and they made me feel like a person, not like somebody who'd messed up or had something to be ashamed of."
- Sandy P.

"I could tell they wanted me to do what was right for me and that they would support whatever decision I made."
- Amy W.

"Adoption Connection made the adoption so much easier by helping me work out a really good relationship with my son's adoptive parents. I know I made the right choice when I see how well he's doing."
- Maria L.

�Within a month, I started to investigate adoption agencies in california. The agency that impressed me the most was Adoption Connection. I knew they did open adoptions, and I felt that it was important for me to meet and get to know the people who would raise my child. A professional counselor showed me letters written by prospective adoptive parents. She was always available to answer questions and counseled me on what to expect once the adoption was final. She made me feel at ease about my decision.
- Cindy

I found out about Adoption Connection while I was in the hospital after I had given birth. A social worker there put me in contact with the agency, and I was sent several Dear Birthmother letters. Adoption Connection was supportive in my decision and helped me through all of it. The staff answered my questions and eased some of my fears. They helped me through a time where I needed the greatest amount of support.

When I first started to really think about an adoption taking place, I was nervous and a little scared. I wasn't sure whether I was making the right decision. But after I began the process, working with the agency, and starting to think about a family for my baby, I knew in my heart I was making the best decision I could for that little girl.

The adoptive family joined me in the hospital, and we spoke for what seemed like hours. Lisa, the adoptive mom, held my daughter for some time. I knew then that I was making the right choice to place my baby with her. I felt a definite sense of relief knowing I was giving this couple such a beautiful gift, something they were unable to obtain on their own. I knew my daughter would have everything she would ever need or want. She would have all the things I couldn't give her. Even though I have all the love in the world for that little girl, and so does her father, we knew we made the right choice.
- Crystal

Lynne (Adoption Connection�s Director), I have thought about you over the years and wondered if you were still "creating families," so I looked you up. I am glad to know that you are still out there helping people and finding homes for kids. It is a great job!

Thank you so very much for helping me find Max a home that is filled with love, support, and creativity. It means the world to me to know that he has grown up with much more than I could have ever dreamed of giving him. He deserved to have the advantages that I could not give him. I always tell him that I made the choice I made because I love him and for no other reason. It was the saddest, most wonderful, hardest, easiest decision I have ever made. I know that I missed out on being with him for the last 19 years, but I would rather have had it that way than to have had him miss out on the wonderful life he has had.
- Laurie

I was upset about a lot of things � like being left out of the decision. Adoption Connection helped calm me down. They gave me a lot of time to decide whether or not I wanted to relinquish my rights.

When I met the adoptive parents I could tell how much they wanted the baby. That's when I signed the papers. A part of me wanted to keep the baby, but I'm starting to get good grades in school and don't have a steady job. I'm too young and not responsible enough to have a kid right now. I know my daughter is in a good home with people who love her.
- James

I really like kids and someday want a family, but right now I couldn't support a child on my own. The baby's mother and I haven't had much contact recently, and I feel like I'm somewhat on the back burner. So I was glad to hear from Adoption Connection that an adoption plan is happening because someone will take good care of the child. Also, Adoption Connection will be my contact for finalizing everything and keeping me informed about what's happening once the baby is born.
- Michael

I love the birth family and Rosie very much. Whenever I see a picture of Rosie's smiling face, I am glad that I went with "open" adoption. The adoptive parents, Toni and David, are awesome parents, and I know Rosie is going to grow up to be a good person. The entire "adoption triangle" is a very unique and special relationship for everyone involved. I know that for me, it has been very gratifying, growing stronger every day.
- Nichole

I had done a search on the Internet about adoption agencies in California and came across Adoption Connection's Web site. I loved that they had information on the process of adoption and had profiles of couples.
- Valerie

�The hardest thing I ever did was letting her go, but I know she will always be cared for, provided for, and loved in a way that I was unable to do. The adoptive mother still made me feel as if I was a part of the baby�s life. We took pictures together and with the baby. She made me feel so good. I just want to thank Adoption Connection for bringing us together!.�
- Jodie

�They made the adoption so much easier by helping me work out a really good relationship with my son�s adoptive parents. I know I made the right choice when I see how well he�s doing.�
- Erin R.

Adoptive Family Testimonials & Vignettes

Please Note: Given the sensitive nature of Adoption Connection�s relationship and work with birthparents, adoptive parents and adopted children, some names have been altered/substituted to protect privacy.


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2007 JFCS FAMMY Awards | Julia Weber & Charlie Fineberg (Adoption Connection clients and adoptive parents)


This organization is caring, compassionate, and considerate of the feelings and issues of all parties involved.
- Jodi Warner

Although we just started our journey with Adoption Connection, we've been incredibly impressed with everyone on their team. If you're considering expanding your family via open adoption, I highly recommend attending Adoption Connection's numerous seminars. They are all just fantastic!
- John Matero

Hi Lynne and Adoption Connection Team!

We finalized Olivia's adoption today in court! Once again, thank you for all of your support and guidance throughout the process.
Take care,
- Tracy, Alfredo & Nicholas

Last week, we stood before a judge to finalize our adoption! We obviously couldn't have gotten there without the help that all of you provided. Thank you for helping our family come together!
- Alex, Richard & Abigail

We had our court day last Friday, May 10th for Sameer's adoption. We can't thank you enough for working with us through this process!
- Subodh and Margot

"Sorin is 5 months old now and such a happy guy! We have been so spoiled as he was sleeping through the night at 3 months and is so easy going. We are so blessed! Thanks AC again for all you do to make families come together!"
-Ryan and Marea

"We had our finalization hearing and the judge baked us a cake, it was very special and things are going great!"
- Lisa

�I stongly recommend Adoption Connection. Lynne Fingerman, the co-founder of the agency, is a Berkeley mom and has years of experience with every type of domestic adoption. She is well known and respected throughout the state. They were able to help us connect with birth parents. They help you with your letter, offer advice and counseling on inter-racial adoption, have great pre- and post-adoption workshops, etc. I can't say enough positive things about them. We had a great experience and have several friends who have as well.�
-thrilled to be a mom (April 2004 posting, Berkley Parents Network)

Dear Lynne,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your constant, immediate support. Although you are very busy with many families, plus your own, you always gave us the feeling that we were the most important when we needed it. This was true of your ENTIRE staff� we can�t tell you the positive effect you hd on Jennifer�. Her world was turned inside out, in a good way.

We appreciate your integrity, your sensitiviey, your compassion, your ability to allow each person their feelings, calmly and without judgement.You are wonderful at what you do!

Needless to say, we are extremely happy, through the sleep deprivation and constant motion. It�s what life is all about. With great fondness,
- Terry, Daisy and Pablito

Oh my Lynne you've brought me to happy tears. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your tireless work on our adoption of our son. You can tell that your job is more than a paycheck because you�re fair and you really care about the children, bio parent and adoptive parents. Thank you!
- Patanisha

Dear Lynne,

Thank you so very much for everything you did for Greg and me and our family in those first few days of 2014. We thought everything would be relatively smooth with our plan, however, when things got more complicated that we expected you provided me with reassurance and support I needed. I am certain you did the same for our birth mother. Thank you, and your husband, so much for all of your time and significant effort driving to meet us. Our little family will always think of you, Rachel, and Adoption Connection with love!
- Lisa, Greg and Theo

Dear Randie,

A heartfelt thank you for all of your assistance and support these past months. Your weekly check-ins and reassurance during what was a very challenging period for us were greatly appreciated.

We also wanted to thank your committed staff for their help during this past year. Leah helped us get our outreach letter up and running on Adoption Connection�s website in record time. Melissa was incredibly kind to us during those weeks when we needed a Sacramento connection. And, of course, Julie has been fabulous at keeping us in the loop since we started our journey. Maybe the saying should go: It takes a village to complete an adoption?

We have nothing but praise for Adoption Connection and would be happy to shre our experience with other prospective adoptive parents at conferences or in conversations if you think that might be useful. Please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for everything.
With gratitude,
- K and A

Dear Lynne,

A BIG thank you from our new little family for making it so. Your care, kindness, concern and expertise surely helped Phoebe find her way both home to us in Los Gatos and home in our hearts.

You will always be part of our thoughts when we reflect upon how we all came together. Thank you and God Bless You,
- Lisa, Corey and Phoebe

Dear Lynne and Staff,

On Nov. 2ist Michael�s adoption will be finalized. Hard to believe it is almost here and in retrospect it wasn�t so bad given what we ended up with. In truth, we couldn�t have done it without all of your help, support, advice and your determination. Thank you, thank you for hanging in there. We appreciate it beyond words.

Take care and maybe we�ll need you again sometime?

All the best,
- Dan, Jane, Jesse and Michael

To Lynne, Leah, and the entire staff at Adoption Connection,

Thank you for all of your hard work! For a while we didn�t think it would happen, but we had confidence that the right match would eventually find its way to us! Thanks for always helping to keep our spirits up and keeping us pointed in the right direction.
- Lisa, Lisa and baby Maya


This is a long overdue note to thank you for all your help and advice in the adoption of our son. You and the rest of the staff are so knowledgeable, helpful and responsive, which helps to keep the adopton process from being so overwhelming.

Our son Thomas is now four months old and thankfully is a healthy, happy child. We are truly enjoying our expanded family! Thanks again to you and your staff for helping us make our family a reality!

Warm Regards,
- Jill, Jim, Jenna and Thomas

To the staff of Adoption Connection,

I kept this card (Card had the following quote �Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.� - Emerson) by my bedside for a long time while we waited. Our thanks to you are beyond measure for the gift you made possible for us to receive.

There is really nothing I can say that would really capture and convey how much your help has meant to us and how immensely grateful we are and will always be to you.

It took us nearly 10 years to make our family and we are frequently just stunned at simple moments when we have the stillness to recognize our children are asleep in their beds, or to be driving and realize they are both right there in the back seat. WOW!

Thank you for your very valuable work,
- Lisa, Doug, Robby and Amanda

Dear AC Staff:

I just had a nice conversation with a couple who is thinking about using AC and were given our contact information. In talking about our experience, it reminded me of how grateful we are to all of you. While our journey to become parents wasn�t easy, I wouldn�t change a thing, as if we did we wouldn�t have our amazing daughter. Thank you for all that you did and continue to do. Thank you for your support and guidance.

We truly feel like you all will forever be a part of our family
- Maria Smith

Hi! We just wanted to thank you for all the help you have given us thus far with the adoption of our healthy beautiful daughter!! Alexa was born at 2:23pm. She weighed 6 lbs 6 oz and is 19 inches long. P's labor was really easy for her and she was so compassionate towards us that she let us take Alexa to our room seconds after her birth to have skin to skin contact with me. The love we have for each other has continued to develop into a beautiful relationship. We have spent time with each other everyday so thank you for matching her with us!! We love her dearly!!!

Sincerely Grateful,
- Suezann and Greg

We heard that the judge signed the adoption decree today! We are very very happy!! Thank you for your help during all of the process. I really appreciate your patience answering my endless questions and concerns.

Dan and I were saying we would love to come in some time if you are looking for couples to talk in the adoption classes. We were so convinced it would never happen that I would love to share how quickly things can change!

Kind Regards,
- Sue and Dan

We were talking last night and both feel like we "abandoned" Adoption Connection after our son arrived. First, we simply wanted to express our profound gratitude for all of the help from your staff. We couldn't have made the journey without their support. Second, we'd like everyone to know that this has been an incredibly joyous event for us. Our son is simply wonderful and has brought light not only into our lives but throughout our extended families �including our son's birth parents, who we text and share pictures with often. We had the pleasure of paying them a visit last summer as well. If we can support Adoption Connection in any way, please let us know<
- Mark and Nicole

We cannot help but think of you this evening, as we celebrate the first night home with our son. Our celebration is yours, especially at this miraculous time of year for Passover and Easter. Each of you, in your way, heard us and supported us. The spring was quite the emotional rollercoaster as you know... forgotten now in the gaze of a newborn. Our son was born Thursday, at 10:45 am, and we met him at 5:30 pm the next day, as well as his birth mother. We brought him home this afternoon. We can't wait to come in and introduce him to you in person so he too can share his gratitude by charming you with a smile. Thank you to each and all of you, the entire team at Adoption Connection.
- Frances and Jennifer

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for all the work you have done with our adoption of our baby. We have appreciated your professionalism, humanness, and sensitivity throughout this process! We look forward to working with you on the post-adoption and the finalization, and also in a couple of years when we adopt our second child!
- Margaret and Will

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of your constant, immediate support. Although you are very busy with many families, you always gave us the feeling that we were the most important when we needed it. This was true of the entire staff. We appreciate your integrity, your sensitivity, your compassion, your ability to allow each person their feelings calmly and without judgment. You are wonderful at what you do! Needless to say, we are extremely happy, through the sleep deprivation and constant motion � it's what life is all about.
- Tim and Samuel

June 1 was the date that we brought our new son home to California. He is now 9 months old and the love and joy of our lives. We truly appreciate all the professional services that Adoption Connection provided. Beginning with the Homestudy services through Finalization, we were treated professionally and with comfort all the way though this very sensitive process. We especially want to thank you for being there on June 1st (during the birthmother's signing the relinquishment), for two very important phone calls where we needed advice pertaining to California laws. We were also grateful that the ICPC was handled smoothly so that we could return home to see a relative who was ill. Thank you again for everything, and we hope to see you very soon during our next adoption!
- Susan and Taye

Thanks for the great ideas regarding how to improve our letter. My wife and I both felt your comments were right on, and that making the changes we discussed will make our letter much clearer and better. It is good to have the input, because the whole 'Dear Birthmother' letter project seems pretty daunting to us right now.
- Val and Jenn

I wanted to thank you again for the Preparing for Adoption Workshop. I can't begin to tell you how helpful it was to us. We have not decided what we are going to do yet, but we do appreciate all of your help and your thoughtfulness.
- Cyndi and Jim

Thank you for leading our Preparing for Adoption workshop series. Your insight and thoughtful stories regarding adoption were inspirational to us. There is so much to learn about adoption, and you have given us the guidance, encouragement, and tools that will last us a lifetime.
- Doug and Lisa

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